The Health Services Center

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To Make an Appointment

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11:00 am – 1:30 pm, Monday – Friday
Mrs. Jackie Waldron (nurse practitioner)

Student Health Services are provided in partnership with the . In order to provide adequate health services, we require all students to fill out the Medical Forms. Health services provided by the nurse practitioner will need to be satisfied by insurance or some other method of payment.

Please note that CIGNA will not cover charges for a nurse practitioner. Students with this insurance company will have to go the main office to be seen by a doctor if you want your insurance to cover office visits.

If you need non-emergency medical attention after hours or on weekends, please contact either of the locations below:

Family Healthcare Clinton

22580 Highway 76 E, Laurens, SC 296360

Express Medical Care

22580 Highway 76 E, Laurens, SC 296360

For emergencies after hours or on weekends, go to the local emergency room or call 911.

欧洲杯投注软件 is the closest hospital for emergencies.

Additional Resources

Presbyterian College Health Services Center’s mission:

  • To maintain optimum physical and emotional health of the Presbyterian College student body.
  • To provide quality primary comprehensive healthcare that is both cost effective and accessible.
  • To promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices through ongoing educational outreach and programming.